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Reiki is a Wholistic Craft that is one of my favorite tools I use within my every day life. Reiki is not only used for stress reduction and relaxation, but also promotes healing.
Reiki can be explained in three ways, As a WORD, As a ENERGY, As a WHOLISTIC HEALING SYSTEM.

As a Reiki Master, I have experience each degree in such a beautiful way that I am expanding by teaching others.

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who is Ombriél?

Why Wholistic Health?

To be honest… it was because I needed a change and what I was doing wasn’t going to work out. I had to challenge myself and look at the way I was, why it was wrong, and ways to do better. But wholistically because deep down I’ve always known it’s REALLY THAT DEEP! 

My mental health was hitting another bottom pit and I knew it was tied into the lifestyle I was living so I had to redirect myself; spiritually, physically, and mentally…

Customer reviews

Special shout out to Inbetween for blessing me with my yoni steam & rooted blend! This is something I definitely recommend to all my Queens with healing your womb from toxicity. She is very knowledgeable and her spirit is so beautiful!!! I will definitely be a returning customer!!! Thank you so much for the healing.
- Jessica Miller
My first purchase I ordered the rooted herbal blend tea and I am so pleased. It definitely helped me to relax and sleep better at night. With my second purchase, I recently ordered two of the herbal infused whipped butters for myself and my daughter and can’t wait to try them out. Her packages and products always come beautifully wrapped. She also included some tea bags, samples of her butter, along w/ a sample of her rooted meditation oil. I can honestly say that your products are most definitely packaged and made w/ love. 
- Kimberley Kendrick
Had my first yoni steam with Ombriél Nechole of Inbetween, the experience was nothing short of amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I cannot wait go back! Not only did I enjoy the yoni steam tremendously, but I also enjoyed and appreciated the time I got to spend with ombriél!!! It's not just a service... You are getting a whole experience that's so worth having. Thank you Queen for what you are doing, it is so very needed and you are the perfect person for it
-Desirée Cooley

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True healing occurs when I give myself full permission to feel whatever feelings live below the trigger.