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5 Free Things You Can Do for Your Health

There is a lot of FEAR going around due to the virus. Even during an age of information there is still a lot of wrong information that’s being spread. I wanted to create this small list of FREE things can be done by anyone safely to boost your immune system.
I had a small rant via Facebook earlier about how upsetting it is seeing people just talk out their ass. It inspired me to help as much as possible.

Let’s go over some things. What causes disease within the body? We have three things:

exogenous (external): things like wind, cold, summer, dampness, season changing etc. The outside changes and the body cannot adapt to energy flow due to UNBALANCED FACTORS.

endogenous: emotional trauma (ALL EMOTIONS. This is joy, anger, sorrow, stress, worry, fear, shock. They all effect our bodies, there’s no such thing as good or bad; it’s all qi baby)

others : overworking, STRESS, overeating, over drinking, drug abuse, sexual transmitted diseases, etc.

The best things you can do for yourself right now are FREE.

1. Sleep
Rest. For the love of all things beautiful your getting an opportunity to sit tf down. TAKE IT. Humans do not rest and allow the body to reset the way we should. We actually live in a time where we make people feel bad for resting or “doing nothing”.

2. Stop stressing.
Stress is not going to accomplish anything during this time. Come up with a plan and understand we’re here to SURVIVE. Don’t punk out and spazz bc they’re taking away the conveniency of life. Meditate and stop spazzing.

3. BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!
I spoke a little about the importance of Deep Belly Breathing in my meditation video on YouTube. I will release a video today going into more detail on how to deep belly breathe. Breathing is the best thing you can do for your body right now. Using ALL YA LUNGS.

4. Fast.

If you are sick, your best bet is to FAST over eating foods. The only reason you spring to Chicken Noodle Soup when you’re sick is because of advertisements but that’s a whole other conversation about America, Capitalism, and your Health.

5. Educate yourself.
Get off social media and actually do your own research. Ask people for their resources so you can further investigate and stop sharing links so freely. It’s all dangerous.

About the Author

Ombriél Nechole shares her Wholistic Healing Journey. A young entrepreneur, but an Attuned Shaman, Reiki Master, and an Herbalist first; nothing is impossible for this young woman.

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