a new space

look no further, inbetween now offers everything you could ask for. not only is it a blog and a place to get holistic care, it is now a social media platform.

create a profile, share statues, post pictures, comment on forums and so much more. 

inbetween is now a safe space for you and your journeys. check out all of the amazing features that are now added to the website.

are you a business owner or spiritual leader looking to boost your platform? are you wanting a place to share your posts, products, or services?

new features

create your own personal profile

broadcast your talents and share your journey. inbetween inc can also be a place to share your websites/businesses.

gain access to forum

start and/or join the multiple conversations going on. give your advice or receive some from everyone else.

make new friends

you get the chance to meet so many people who are on journeys like you.

share blog posts

a new feature allows you to make and share your posts! 

new points and badge system

inbetween is offering a new point system! along with badges. collect points to win prizes 

create your own groups

both private and public. start your own groups and join others. share certain things to people you choose.

global time line

check out what everyone on the site is doing. share statuses, pictures, slideshows, quotes, files, videos, audio, and links. share your work and get the love you deserve. 

create an account now!

This site does everything you could possibly want it to do and not only that, it is beautifully designed and extremely intuitive to use. start up now.