who is ombriél?


In a short amount of time Ombriel Nechole has been able to conquer many challenges and succeed in ways that were beyond her belief. 

She started by just sharing her healing journey online to close friends and family, a few years later it was the main focus in both her personal and professional life. Inbetween, her company, was born.

Ombriel is a Wholistic Healer who specializes in Reproductive Health. An attuned Reiki Master, Medicine Woman, and Shaman; it is important to fit her in a small box. She is gifted in many talents of divination and they are what are used to help her along the way. Ombriel’s main tool is Herbal Care which also allows her to be an amazing Green Thumb in the gardens. 

Education is extremely important to Ombriel, she is currently in studies to become a certified Meditation and Yoga Instructor. Next she’s going to continue and further her education in Reproductive Health to better assist her community.

Above all Ombriel’s main focus is getting the education out to others by using her talents, gifts, arts, and essence. 

what is inbetween?

inbetween inc is my journey.

2016 was the year I finally stopped being afraid of who I am, by gaining control and learning who I am. I was fed up of how I was living, I was tired of being in the dark, and I just wanted so much better for myself. my anxiety and depression were spiraling out of control and my eczema break outs had reached a new level. reaching theses lows allowed me to prepare to be the woman I’ve always known I could be by being stronger than my problem. it first started with me sitting down with myself and making a list of everything I wanted to be better at/fix about myself/stop doing inside and out.

november 19, 2016 was the day I did my big chop and that day I also made a promise to myself to follow through with what felt best in my heart. this is where my journey began. and that is how inbetween was created. since then I’ve been dedicated to educating myself to become better Breeona. in the process of sharing my story many people have been able to relate for their own journeys. I wanted to create a place we can all come together to share our stories and recipes so we can all become the person we deserve to be.

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