who is ombriél?

What is Holistic Healing?

what is inbetween?


my name is Breeona. Many people know me as Ombriél but you can just call me Bree. I am a 22 year old native Nebraskan and I currently live in Little Rock, AR. 

I practice holistic healing, this meaning mind body and spirit. I am a certified Reiki Master. I am currently in my second year studies to be a Master Gardener and my third year studies for being a certified Herbalist. I spend 4 days out my week in the gardens and being hands on with the herbs I am learning and working with. I also get to create herbal medicines throughout the day and help others along their journey. sadly gardening does not pay the bills (YET) so I waitress @ a local Wine Bar 3 nights a week to make amends. above all things I am an artist first and I have strong pride and passion in everything I do. everything you will receive from me will always be with quality and dignity, and that is the main reason I found it so important to know how to grow the herbs I sell! thank you for taking this time to know more about me!


I turned to herbal care for many reasons. it started off as me wanting to have better skin, and to finally embrace my natural hair. but in the process it lead to me really opening myself up, being the most vulnerable I have ever been. it’s challenged me to challenge myself and to not quit. with this I accepted God, and The Universe’s plan for my life.  

since understanding it’s my lifestyle that must change, I have been determined to enjoy every aspect of my journey including all the hardships that come with it. 

my many journeys ...

My Skin Journey

I’ve had eczema since I was 5 years old. they kept prescribing me countless over the counter creams and steroids and they would barely work, every year my breakouts progressively got worse. throughout high school I would mix butters to get by, and by the time I was 18 I had most of it under control. once I turned 20 it had reached a level where it was covering my whole body. Out of desperation I turned to my dermatologist asking her what I could do to fix my skin and my scarring. She informed me that I was allergic to something and I needed to find out, and as far as my scaring there was not much to do because I am black. She then gave me a slip for more steroids and walked out the room. It took everything in me not to cry right there, but I got up, threw the slip in the trash and started my own quest to fix my own skin.

Around this time my mental health was very poor so it lead for more motivation to do better for myself.

My Spiritual Journey

at the age of 13 I was finally diagnosed with depression. it was nice to finally have a name that went along with the way I had been feeling. I was hospitalized after my mom found out about my suicide attempt, and while I did receive help it did not last long. I spent a large majority of my high school years afraid of my depression and that resulted in me not knowing myself. i spent a lot of time in the dark and a lot of time angry at the people in my life. at the age of 19 I was diagnosed with anxiety and by that point I was taking small steps to better myself because something had to give. I unfortunately turned to abusing xanax to try to gain control, but that was very short lived when I decided to use other methods to cope.  

Since then I have focused on being a better person not only on the outside, but also my insides. This helped me focus on realizing it was my lifestyle I was living that would determine my outcome with my mental health. This encourages me everyday to continuously work on myself considering the fact I’ve already come so far compared to the lost 13 year old I use to be.

what is inbetween?

inbetween inc is my journey.

2016 was the year I finally stopped being afraid of who I am, by gaining control and learning who I am. I was fed up of how I was living, I was tired of being in the dark, and I just wanted so much better for myself. my anxiety and depression were spiraling out of control and my eczema break outs had reached a new level. reaching theses lows allowed me to prepare to be the woman I’ve always known I could be by being stronger than my problem. it first started with me sitting down with myself and making a list of everything I wanted to be better at/fix about myself/stop doing inside and out.

november 19, 2016 was the day I did my big chop and that day I also made a promise to myself to follow through with what felt best in my heart. this is where my journey began. and that is how inbetween was created. since then I’ve been dedicated to educating myself to become better Breeona. in the process of sharing my story many people have been able to relate for their own journeys. I wanted to create a place we can all come together to share our stories and recipes so we can all become the person we deserve to be.

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