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Card of the Day – January 28 2019

The Magician (reverse)

herb- Astragalus


The Magician is the beginning or the birth of understanding our role in the balancing universal energies. Upheld in his receptive left hand is a crystal to attract and magnify the pure cosmic energies, while his lowered, giving right hand he points a finger downward, symbolizing his ability to direct through ying yang. “As above, so below”.

He represents the power of creative transudations. He stands before his altar, you see the cup, pentacle, sword, and wand, symbols of the elements. He uses these tools to make his reality.

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of ideas and communication, the Magician awakes within the ability to move inward for inspiration and the outward for manifestation.

It’s time to stop being so indecisive and weak willed and focus on what you truly want to manifest. It’s not time to be around false knowledge or people who do not have your best interest at hand because this is a huge manifesting time for you. Be careful what energy you’re putting out and trying to gain.

Herb: Astragalus

Spiritual Properties: Astragalus herb assists in increasing the energy needed to bring about the manifestations desired. It will help bridge any gap there might be between the thought and the creation of reality. This herb is a powerful herb of protection and can be used to create a stronger aura around oneself.

Medicinal Properties: Astragalus root is traditionally used by the Chinese as a tonic to foster and increase innerG. Since obesity is a condition in which we have lost to some extent our ability to transmute and digest food, just as the spirit realm we have lost the ability to tranmuste ideas, feelings, and experiences, astragalus can be taken regularly to help us overcome this tendency.

Dose/Preparation: The herbal essence can be taken each day as one is awakening The Magician within. Create a Magician ritual of self-empowerment and make a tea, taking that time to manifest inspirations.

Key Words: Concentration, Commitment, Magical Powers, Communication Skills, Need to focus and be Grounded.

Affirmation: “Through concentration and dedication, I am a willing channel of Spirit manifest on Earth.”

Herbal allies: Schizandra, asqwaganda

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About the Author

Ombriél Nechole shares her Wholistic Healing Journey. A young entrepreneur, but an Attuned Shaman, Reiki Master, and an Herbalist first; nothing is impossible for this young woman.

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