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My herbal infused whipped butter has been the start of so much within my company. As it is summer time, I cannot ship this whipped butter across America as I was before. But don’t worry! I’m hosting an online class where you are able to learn how to make it  right in your own home.

Are you having issues with dry skin, hair, and/or scalp? Well look no further. This homemade Herbal Infused Whipped Butter is just what you need.

Since 2015 I’ve dedicated myself to creating the perfect mixture of healing ingredients to help with my eczema and in the process I created the perfect whipped butter! Therefor it is very light weight, non greasy, and it’s not overwhelming in scent.

This Herbal Infused Whipped Butter is great for:

  • Treating Skin Conditions
  • Acne
  • Speeding up Healing Process
  • Scarring and Hyper-Pigmentation
  • Softening Rough Skin
  • Tightening Loose Skin
  • Great for Dandruff and Irritated Scalp
  • Perfect Cream/Moisturizer for Hair (all textures!)
  • Hair Growth (boost blood circulation)
  • Strengthens Hair

This mix contains 2 Herbal Infused Oils which are not traditionally used in many products like this. They both hold properties that would blow you away, and this is just hair and skin. Because of this, this mixture is beyond healing in ways you couldn’t imagine.

These herbs were Locally Grown by Terry Wright, owner of Wright Indoor Medicinal Herbs, Harvested and Infused by myself (Ombriél). The butter is whipped by hand and receives all great energy when being made.

This Herbal Infused Whipped Butter is great for your healing skin along keeping it smooth,  and also strengthen and softens your hair (all textures!). There’s much power in this mixture and can help you in many ways!



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