Online Self Paced Reiki Degree One

Reiki is a Wholistic Craft that is one of my favorite tools I use within my every day life. Reiki is not only used for stress reduction and relaxation, but also promotes healing.

This is the Online, Self Paced class. If you would like One on One teachings click here…

Go at your own pace! This is for people who want to learn Reiki but on their own time and at their own pace. Classes are hosted on this website and consist of the same information, only difference is it is pre-recored! You scheduled your final test and attunement with me and receive everything in the mail.


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Course Curriculum

Class Content
Introduction into Energy Work 00:10:00
About the Healer 10, 00:00
Meditation #1 30, 00:00
What is Reiki? 00:10:00
What is Reiki? – Reflection 1, 00:00
Chakras 00:00:00
Chakras – Test Yourself 00:00
The Effects of Reiki 00:10:00
The 3 Degrees of Reiki 00:05:00
The History of Reiki 00:20:00
The 5 Reiki Principles 00:20:00
The 5 Reiki Principles 30, 00:00
The 5 Reiki Principles 30, 00:00
Reiki and Self Healing Treatments
Using Reiki and Self Treatments 00:00:00
Hand Positions for Self Treatments 00:20:00
Reiki Healing Treatments with Others
What can be Treated? 00:20:00
Equipment Needed to Treat Family and Friends 00:05:00
Prep to Give a Treatment 00:00:00
9 Days of Reiki 15, 00:00
Reiki Degree One Test – Review 00:00