Online orders

Most frequent questions and answers

All products are made by order. When you place your order online, please allow 4-7 business days for processing and 2-5 days for shipping!

Shipping is 2-4 business days!

If you are local and choose to pick your order up, you will receive an email with further details. 

This is done for many reasons. The first reason is for my own sanity as being the only person who cares and manages Inbetween. Second this allows me to be more personal with clients. This also allows me to give products my Reiki Touch.

Unfortunately no, I make all my orders on certain days! You must purchase your products to get a date on when to pick up!


Most frequent questions and answers

To see all services offered: click meeeeeeee

Super easy, you must first pay for your service in order to book it! (This is for many reasons but is a strong policy I hold). You can book here: click meeeeeeee

No I do not, all sessions must be set by appointment.

You will receive more information once you book, but it’s important for you to drink a lot of water!

No you cannot, these are very personal sessions! Unless stated other wise with booking your service.

Affiliate Program

Most frequent questions and answers

Do you love Inbetween Products and Services? Do you recommend them to other people? Would you like to make money in the process? I offer 33% of sales in my affiliate program.

To join click here and fill out the form then email it back to info@inbetweeninc.com