Recipe: Herbal Infused Whipped Body Butter

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Balanced Blessings Everyone!

I’m here today with a blog post on my favorite Herbal Infused Whipped Butter Recipe! There are plenty of recipes floating around but it’s also about the technique of making it! I’ve been making this mixture for 3 years now and there is a reason why; IT WORKS and it’s so damn smooth!

This recipe can be used for the hair, skin, and your spirit. The herbs that I use are Catnip and Mugwort. There are many benefits and properties that are in the mix that I make. You are more than welcome to use any herbs that you’d like.

Skin Benefits:

  • – Treating Skin Conditions such as Eczema & Psoriasis
  • – Acne
  • – Speeding up Healing Process
  • – Scarring and Hyper-Pigmentation
  • – Softening Rough Skin
  • – Tightening Loose Skin

Hair Benefits:

  • – Great for Dandruff and Irritated Scalp
  • – Perfect Cream/Moisturizer for Hair (all textures!)
  • – Hair Growth (boost blood circulation)
  • – Strengthens Hair

Spiritual Properties:

  • – Induce colourful and lucid dreaming
  • – Give Strength and Protection to from psychic attacks
  • – Gateway to opening the doors of perception
  • – Attract Lovers and Good Energies
  • – Very Calming to the Spirit
  • – Increase your Charm

After seeing those I know for a fact you’re ready to make your own butter! I’m ready to help you out.

Tools Needed:

  • – 16oz Jar
  • – Pot
  • – Source of Heat
  • – Freezer
  • – Large Bowl & Small Bowl
  • – Spatula
  • – Ice
  • – Hand Mixer


  • – 4oz Shea Butter
  • – 3oz Cocoa Butter
  • – 2 1/2oz Coconut Oil
  • – 2oz Avocado Seed Oil
  • – 2oz Sunflower Seed Oil
  • – 2tbsp of Herbal Infused Oil
  • – 10 drops of Essential Oil of Choice
  • – Vitamin E

Step One: Bless Your Space

This is the most important step! Within this time you want to make sure you set up and get everything in order.

Clean Up Your Workspace – Make sure you have a nice space to work and that it is CLEAN and free of clutter.

Grab Material – You want to make sure you have everything you need right in front of you! Nothing is more annoying than having to run back and forth looking for things. What I like to do is grab a laundry basket and go from room to room grabbing what I need. This saves me time and a headache.

Cleanse Your Space – Now that you have everything you want to make sure to CLEANSE your space. Take this time to set the mood for what you’re making. Play some good music, light up an incense, get in a good mood yourself! I like to smudge my areas and then make sure that I am mentally good. I never make anything if I am in a bad mood or angry.

Step Two: Melt Butters

Set up a double broiler with your large bowl, pot, and source of heat. You’re then going to add the shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, avocado oil, and infused oils. Allow this to melt completely.

Step Three: Freeze Time

You’re going to add the mixture to the freezer once it’s completely melted. I keep it in the freezer for at least 20-30 mins. Please be careful not to let it solidify completely, you’re going to need some juice for the next step!

Step Four: Blend Time

Right before you take your butter oil mixture out the freezer, prepare the ice bowl and grab your hand mixer. Add the essential oils, fragrances, and vitamin e oil at this point. Being to blend the butter on medium speed, scraping down the sides as needed. Plop the large bowl on top of the bowl with ice and keep mixing. You will notice the butter begin to form!

Step Five: Jar and Seal

Now while your butter is still a little bit in a liquid stage you’re gonna want to jar it because one it fully solidifies it’s gonna be a nightmare to work with! Label your jar with the name and date and there you have it! You’re very own herbal infused whipped butter!

Here’s a video on how to make the butter if you like visuals!

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