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Inbetween Space is for Wholistic Reproductive Health

inbetween space is a platform for sharing and healing // not only a learning platform, but a great space for those who want to learn also

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Learn Reiki

Reiki is a Wholistic Craft that is one of my favorite tools I use within my every day life. Reiki is not only used for stress reduction and relaxation, but also promotes healing.
Reiki can be explained in three ways, As a WORD, As a ENERGY, As a WHOLISTIC HEALING SYSTEM.

As a Reiki Master, I have experience each degree in such a beautiful way that I am expanding by teaching others.

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Meet Ombriél

Why Wholistic Health?

To be honest… it was because I needed a change and what I was doing wasn’t going to work out. I had to challenge myself and look at the way I was, why it was wrong, and ways to do better. But wholistically because deep down I’ve always known it’s REALLY THAT DEEP! 

My mental health was hitting another bottom pit and I knew it was tied into the lifestyle I was living so I had to redirect myself; spiritually, physically, and mentally…

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