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How to Brew a Cup of Tea

First things first…Don’t feel intimidated! I’ve gotten a handful of questions on how to make the perfect cup of tea, and believe it or not making tea is easier than you’d imagine. So go grab your favorite mug, and let’s get to it.

Step One: The Mug

The mug is everything! You want to make sure to use your favorite tea mug. I personally like mugs that are wide and large. Some people like small tea mugs because they drink a small amount of tea. You can get mugs with beautiful colors, even ones with funny sayings. The possibilities are endless.

Step Two: The Water

You want to use water that is from a fresh source or has been filtered. If you’re using a great organic tea you don’t want to lower the value with unfiltered water.

Step Three: The Temperature

Here I present to you a list of the best temperatures to have based on the type of tea it is. A good electric kettle will give you a gauge on what the temp is. You can also use a cooking thermometer if you have one.

Black Tea (200° to 205°)

Green Tea (175° to 180°)

Blends (190° to 205°)

Matcha (175°)

Herbal Tea (205°)

Oolong (185° to 205°)

PU-ERH (195° to 205°)

White (175° to 185°)

Step Four: The Tea Bag

adorable lil hippo tea infusers

You have a few choices when dealing with loose leaf tea. Some people like to use small metal tea infusers, you can use the cute lil silicone infusers, and there’s disposable unbleached tea bags.

How Much Tea? I recommend 8oz of water per tea bag. If you like a stronger brew I’d use two.

Step Five: The Steep

Now that you have your favorite tea mug ready to go with your tea bag, you’re going to pour the water over the tea. Most teas will require a 3- to 6-minute steep, depending on the type of tea, and the preferred strength of the tea. Herbal teas may take longer to reach full strength than black, green, or white teas, sometimes even up to 10 minutes. One thing to keep in mind: each tea presents its own unique flavor profile, some naturally tending toward bitter. However, teas not naturally bitter will often become bitter if steeped at too high a temperature, or steeped too long.

Step Six: The Mix

Your tea is almost ready! All you need to do now is add anything else if you’d like. Some people like adding lemons, oranges, limes, sugar, sweeteners, spices, and honey to their tea for more flavoring! I personally love a little bit of honey and lemon in my hot tea.

Want to make Chilled Tea?

Take your hot water and pour it into a 32oz mason jar with the tea blend. Store the tea in the fridge and once chilled serve with your favorite sweeteners.

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About the Author

Ombriél Nechole shares her Wholistic Healing Journey. A young entrepreneur, but an Attuned Shaman, Reiki Master, and an Herbalist first; nothing is impossible for this young woman.

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