How to take a Spiritual Bath

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Spiritual bathing is an ancient part of magical traditions worldwide. Not even just for the herbs, water is a very powerful element itself. Different herbs are going to have different properties to help you achieve whatever you’re looking for in the journey/cleanse. Taking a spiritual bath is not like taking a regular bath — there are certain steps that must be followed in order for it to work on a spiritual and vibrational level. If you’re wanting to learn more about spiritual baths read this article.

Why Should I take a Spiritual Bath?

Spiritual baths are exactly what they sound like: baths enhanced with spiritual power, spiritual power from yourself! They can be used for multiple things, like all wholistic healing it’s based off of intention. You can do spiritual bath for certain spells or rituals. For protection or cleansing, they can be used for embracing certain deities. You can be looking to heal a certain part of yourself. You can cleanse your auras , even balance your charkas. The possibilities are endless when wanting to take a spiritual bath. Once you find out why you want to take your spiritual bath it’s time to prepare.

Preparing for Bath

First, cleanse your space. Remove clutter, dust, let in fresh air, make sure to mop and light a smudge stick. Play music that is relaxing for you and light candles for candle magick. Pay particular attention to the corners of your home, where dust and stagnant energy tend to collect. Then, take a regular bath or shower. The purpose of a spiritual bath is not to wash yourself, so this ensures that you are physically clean before you begin. Cleanse the space again and begin the draw the bath for the ritual.

Drawing the Bath

It is a good idea to use filtered water for a spiritual bath. If you do not have a water filtration system, there are simple carbon filters available that fit on a bath or shower head. Fill the bath with water at a comfortable temperature. While the bath fills, prepare your supplies. This can include setting crystals or candles at the corners of the bath, lighting incense, and even setting up a small altar. Pour small libations for deities and give thanks.

When the tub is full, add the appropriate ingredients. You can include certain herbal blends based off what properties you’d like from them. This can be oils and salts crystals. You can write a sigil and rip it into pieces. This is your ritual, there are no rules.

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With the ingredients added, stir the water using either a wand, or your dominant hand. (Some people stir clockwise to bring things in, like love or success, and counterclockwise to take things away, like illness or negative energy.) While you do so, speak your intention out loud, or petition a deity or spirit for help. Visualize the bath filling with golden light, until you feel it cannot hold any more energy.


When the ingredients are added, the bath is empowered, and the time feels right, enter the bath. Ensure that the water comes in contact with your entire body. Cup it in your hands and pour it over your head, working down toward your feet. You can use this time to also do Chakra Work.

As you soak in the water, know that the bath is cleansing you, purifying you, and bringing you your desire. If you have a spiritual soap wash yourself. Do not use shampoo or conventional soap, however — remember, physical cleansing is not the goal here. Relax and meditate, releasing any negative thoughts that intrude on your peace. When you feel the bath has done its job, step out and allow yourself to dry.

Disposing of Bathwater

There are many things that you can do with the water after you’re done. After a spiritual bath, it is good to take some or all of the bathwater outside, face away from the rising sun, throw it over your left shoulder, and walk away without looking back. Others prefer to face away from the setting sun, in the idea that it symbolically causes the sun to set on your problems. Depending on when you take the spiritual bath you can save the water and use it during a full moon or new moon ritual.

What If I don’t have a bath tub?

Not having a tub does not mean you cannot have a spiritual bath. Instead of adding herbs, salt, or other ingredients to a bath tub, add them to a basin, stir, and empower them as you would a bath. Stand in the basin, pour the water over you starting from the crown of your head and working downward. When you are through, dispose of the water however you’d like.

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