The Ultimate Period Quiz Vol. I

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What does dark or brown blood mean?

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This is normal, especially for blood that has been sitting for a while. It's mostly common at the beginning and the end of your period because it took longer to leave the uterus. But if you notice that something is off, please listen to your gut.

Do you know how long is the average Menstrual Cycle?

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Trick question, many people get confused with the words "Cycle and Period". The average woman's cycle

How long is the average Period?

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The average length of an active bleeding period is about 3-5 day.

Okay, here's a trick question. True or False: Cramps are caused by a hormone called prostaglandins.

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Prostaglandins are lipids that are released and trigger the contractions of your uterus. When this happens you receive painful, intense cramping.

What does PMS stand for?

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PMS can effect women before of after menstruation. This can include mood swings, painful breast, annoyance, and more.

Can you get pregnant on your period?

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Yes you can! It's very rare, but it can totally happen. Sperm can live to up to 5 days. If you have sex at the end your period, and you end up ovulating earlier that cycle, you might be in a world wind of fertilization.

Which item is not used as Feminine Period Hygiene Product?

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They are used for birth control.

Okay, last question. True or False: The rise of Progesterone is the Trigger for your period to start.

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A sharp drop in Progesterone triggers menstrual bleeding to begin.

The Ultimate Period Quiz Vol. I
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The Ultimate Period Quiz Vol. I
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