Copper Wand Stone Ring

wholistic healing jewelry made by ombriél

Balanced Blessings! Jewelry making has become a favorite hobby of mine and being able to incorporate healing has made it even better! Below are my one of a kind pieces, they are healing and made by myself. All products are made by order! This is to fully insure your Reiki Healing and it gives much better quality to my products! If you’d like a custom piece please email me info@inbetweeninc.com

Featured Item

Nose Cuff Set

Now selling my beautiful hand wrapped nose cuffs. These are perfect because anyone can wear them! You do not need a nose piercing to wear this nose ring. Pick a style. Please place in code to receive free shipping!

This beautiful hand wrapped cuff is spiral wrapped for even more power behind and it is in care of a Reiki Healer.


Copper Wrapped Pendants & Necklaces

Custom Orders

Wrapped pendants and necklace sets are custom orders.

Pendant Wraps start at $30

Handwrapped Wire Chains start at $30

Sets start at $50

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