Class 1 of 3 – Know Yo Yoni Series

Everyday, women all over of all ages are suffering in silence.

L E T ‘ S B E H O N E S T

Unfortunately a lot of women are not raised to truly understand the power their Yoni Possesses. A lot of shame and secrecy are centered around our Wombs and we’re suffering wholisticly because of this.

This is leading to many reproductive issues for women, but also is the cause for many other problems in life that people may not realize or give credit to. This is due to miseducation and just not Taking Notice.


Do you know how The Full Cycle Works? Do you know how long your cycle is?

Do you do daily, weekly, or monthly Yoni practices?

Have you been on Hormonal Birth Control and are experiencing some disconnection?

Don’t feel bad! Over the past few years, the more that I’ve been talking to women the more that I am noticing that we really don’t know much about our reproductive system! This is actually quite dangerous. Because of this disconnect and the shame, it leads us to ignore. Ignoring is dangerous because a lot of our health is tied into our Yonis, there’s stuff going on you may not even know about. This is not our fault, but it is our fault if we continue to stay in the dark. So I challenge you …

Know Yo Yoni!


The woman’s guide to Knowing Yo Yoni

By the end of this course you’re going to be able to have you own definition of what a yoni is. You will also have the tools to gain a better relationship with your yoni to achieve better health.

Who am I?

My name is Ombrièl, but you can call me Bree.

I am many things, but before all; I am experiencing and sharing my journey.

I started my natural birth control journey 2017 when I began to notice the negative effects that were taking place due to my IUD. I was also in about 20 other natural journeys so I was very determined to go fully wholistic with my birth control. After a good year of research and assurance I had my IUD removed in Spring of 2018 and since then I’ve been practicing (Kind of experimenting?!) all forms of natural birth controls. It has not been an easy journey at all. There has been a lot of reconnecting, balancing, and learning but it has all been worth it.

In the process of wanting to get off birth control I started doing a lot of research and I started realizing I really didn’t know much about my womb. I also came to conclusion that I had a lot of healing to do. While getting off my IUD and going through the process of re-balancing myself I realize there was much more work than expected. Over the years I have practiced many different ways to strengthen my relationship with my Yoni. I have shared my story via Twitter and Facebook, and I have also shared different ways that I have accomplished this. But now I am making a full class going into full detail on over 15 different practices you can do to better your relationship with your Yoni.


Know Yo Yoni: Taking Notice is broken up into 3 Main Sections: information, reflection, and application.

Course includes: videos, activities, meditations, interviews, plus more…

Module One: What is a Yoni?

Here you learn about the Yoni and you will find your own definition of what it means to you.

You will also learn about The Woman’s Cycle, how it really works, and more information about Sex.

Module Two: What it’s like having a Yoni

This Module is full of interviews to bridge the gap between generations. It is highly important for us to all be able to have this conversation with each other.

We will go over teenage years, adult years, childbirth, menopause, and much more .

Module Three: Understanding your Relationship with your Yoni

This module is a very strong reflection module. We will explore your story to understand your Yoni so that you can make a definition for your self.

This includes Chakra information, Learning about better communication, setting boundaries for yourself, understanding patience with yourself, and much more .

Module Four: Yoni Topics

This module is full of lessons that you can use at your discretion. I will be going over 15 plus different practices, topics, and subjects about Our Yonis. You can use this throughout your whole journey, this is a strong resource base course .

Topics Range From:

  • Meditation Practices
  • Reiki
  • Rituals
  • Gardening
  • Yoga
  • Steaming
  • Massaging
  • Masturbation
  • Yoni eggs and Crystals
  • Recipes + more


Access to The Tool Box which is full of references and recommendations for you to continue on in your journey

Access to Inbetween Membership Website where you can meet others, share, or just use for personal online journal.


You are a woman or young woman who is wanting to not only Know Her Yoni, but also understand, aid and heal

You are wanting to have access to different practices and exercises to strengthen your relationship With Yo Yoni

You are highly interested in the wholistic value of Yo Yoni



I lead by example. Healing and Education are my life and always have been. I am a Reiki Master, a Certified Yoni Steaming Practitioner, an Herbalist & Gardening Master in Training. I am also in current studies for certification in Yoga & Meditation with the N.A.T.U.R.E Center in Arkansas, by next May I will have those. Nothing is more important to me than the education, because everyone deserves options!


This is a Beta Test of the course and it is for PreSale. Because of this you’ll be receiving a great discount for being my first students. Please take advantage, because this sale will end soon.





Classes will open on November 1st 2019


  • What is a Yoni?

The Yoni, meaning The Source, womb, AND vagina. It is the wholistic way of seeing ones self. This is a very simple definition, but like all symbols you can create your own connection.

  • This is a PreSale, when will the course be available?

The course will be launched on November 1st, 2019.

  • I cannot afford this, is there a payment plan or scholarship?

That’s okay! Please email me for more information.

  • When does this course start and finish?

The course will be available in November. When you finish? That’s completely up to you. You can go at your own pace with this course and the best part is being able to come back to it for references throughout your journey.

  • Can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of this course no refunds are allowed.