Waist Beads DIY Kit

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Waist Beads are used for many reason for all women — any body type, any race, any background.

Think of them as colorful strands of femininity — vibrant glass or clay beads, gemstones, pieces of horn, shells and sometimes gold or silver fittings, strung together by hand and tailored to embrace a woman’s individual midsection.

Join Inbetween Space and learn more about the Tradition of Waist Beads while creating your own; binding your OWN magic in each strand.

Don’t be intimidated, the guide takes you step by step on how to create your secret beads.

With this Kit you should be able to create AT LEAST 3 sets of waist beads.


As of right now, this Kit only comes in one Style: Womb Work

You have the choice to do your own design and add your own charms. Examples of Designs will be featured in the course.

This Kit Includes:

  • 7 Stands of Authentic Beads
    • 1 White Ghana Glass Beads
    • 1 Clear Ghana Glass Beads
    • 2 Bright Pink Ghana Seed Beads
    • 1 Brass Style Ghana Seed Beads
    • 1 Rose Java Glass Heishi Beads
    • 1 Teal Matte Ghana Glass Seed Beads
  • 225 inches of All Natural Hemp – Enough to make 3 55inch Waist Beads
  • 1 Beading Needle
  • 3 Sets of Copper Clasps – For those who do not want to tie on
  • Full Guide on Waist Beads and How to Make them


More information coming soon…


Waist Beads DIY Kit

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