Shipping, Delivery, & Pickup

Personal Healing Experience with Inbetween LLC

As the owner and healer of inbetween llc I want each experience with my products to be not only a healing one, but a personal one also. That being said the policies for purchasing my products has changed.

Products are going to be ordered by the week for now on. The market will open on Monday and close Friday evening. Pickup orders will start Sunday, and deliveries and shipping will go out Monday.

This change is made for many reasons the main and most important one being:

All products will be made to order now, allowing each product to be Reiki Healed for each customer. This also allows a more one on one relationship with all customers. 

Check out the timeline below for more information on the new flow of things. (best viewed on computer)


Day of the Week


Monday is the beginning of the week order. It is also the day orders are packaged, and pick ups can begin


All orders are shipped out, and pick up times.


Deadline for ordering is 12pm on Friday evenings!


Orders are processed, missed pick up order times



Market Opens

6am-7am & 6pm-7pm

Pick up Orders


Pick up Orders

All Day

Orders are placed


Pick up orders