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Smoky Quartz

Background on Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a type of clear quartz that is stained brown or black. While traditional quartz has a clear or whitish cloudy colour, smoky quartz has a grey colour. Some types of smoky quartz are very clear, while others are almost opaque, and some pieces are nearly black.

Smoky quartz is used to protect against all forms of bad luck and to enhance energy flow through the hands. It increases creativity and intuition and transforms depression and pessimistic thoughts into joy and optimism. Smoky quartz may also be spelled smokey quartz, it may also be called Smokey topaz or smoky citrine.

It is known to be a highly grounding stone, ruling the root chakra, and improving its user’s connection with the physical world. Smoky quartz is a birthstone for Scorpio, so if you’re looking to work more with Scorpio energy this is great stone for you.

Wholistic Healing with Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz Point

Mind: Smoky quartz are connected to the Root Chakra, so it’s soothing, grounding and relaxing and is a good focal point for meditation. Using smoky quartz spheres are great for this. Meditating with smoky quartz helps increase optimism and encourages creative solutions to problems, especially in relation to business.

As a healer and as an entrepreneur I use my Smoky Quartz a lot. I wear one with me at all times for protection and to keep focus.

Body: Smokey quartz is useful for removing toxins and excess fluids in the body and for stimulating the digestive system to absorb minerals and eliminate waste and toxins.

Smoky quartz may be used to ease muscle spasms and cramps, especially in the abdomen, hips and legs. It is also helpful for headaches and all nervous disorders, hyperactivity, stress, anxiety and depression. Place a smoky quartz under your mattress to help ease back pain and stiffness while you sleep.

Spirit: Smoky quartz hung or placed near the bed will banish nightmares and night terrors. Meditating with smoky quartz will help you make good financial decisions and wearing it will help draw money to you. Keeping it in your wallet or near your check book will help you hold onto your money.

Do be aware, though, that smoky quartz can sometimes lead you into “be careful what you wish for” situations – you may find that your wishes manifest so quickly and effectively that you don’t know what to do about them!

Place a smokey quartz point on each of the four corners of your bed with the points facing inward to help with communication problems in your marriage.

The possibilities are endless! There are many ways you can use Smoky Quartz with spiritual uses.

To banish negativity: Stand with your bare feet on the earth and hold a smoky quartz with the tip down. Release negative energy into the Earth and visualize it decaying into fertilizer to nourish plants and trees.

Using Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is highly effective in the classic quartz point pendant style. Wearing a point of quartz around your neck is a simple, efficient way to harness its energy. I wrapped my point and I wear it either on me of carry it in my pocket.

These pieces are ideal for placing around your house, not only because they’re beautiful, but because they clear energy in spots where it may seems disrupted.

While scrying, you can use Smoky Quartz, especially if you are seeking information about the spirits of the natural world, or other people’s emotional disruptions, or are looking for the light at the end of a tunnel.

So let me know! Do you use Smoky Quartz? What do you use it for? Leave a comment below and let’s start the conversation.

Learn More:

  • http://www.witchipedia.com/mineral:smoky-quartz
  • https://meanings.crystalsandjewelry.com/smoky-quartz/

About the Author

Ombriél Nechole shares her Wholistic Healing Journey. A young entrepreneur, but an Attuned Shaman, Reiki Master, and an Herbalist first; nothing is impossible for this young woman.

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