Wholistic Healing: Vol I

Wholistic Healing

Vol. 1

You know


you know it’s time. But you may be questioning where to start.

You may know where to start and you have started, but now you’re coming across the issue of not knowing what to do next.

Or maybe not being sure of what it is it you’re doing and you need more help.

It’s time


Everything has it’s root issue and that is what holistic healing is all about. 

but it must start somewhere.


Wholistic Healing

WHolistic medicine is a form of healing that considers the whole person -- body, mind, spirit, and emotions -- in the quest for optimal health and wellness.

Why heal

I would be lying to you right now if I told you that this work was easy. There is absolutely nothing easy about facing qualities about yourself that you have been masking for years maybe even decades. 

people come to me daily wanting remedies and cures for physical and sometimes mental disruptions. I apologize, but the magic of peppermint is not what is going to heal your trauma. 

I personally do not like to place scale on what someone is going through so I work with people with an all backgrounds. 

I have been working with people within my company for two years now and I keep coming across the same problem. Everyone has their individuality but it all comes down to the Fact that there is a lot of unresolved trauma.

Place to start

people people want to heal wholistically but there’s a lot of information that’s out there which makes it difficult for people to not only know where to begin but even how to continue or what to do. 

I have been on my healing journey for years and have studied the best ways to approach it and keep up with it.

Mixing this with the training that I have been provided I feel extremely comfortable in coaching others throughout their journey and not only teaching them how to safely do these practices, but to also be there with them throughout the whole thing so that there is no fear of the unknown alone.

This is a very intense program but this is specifically made to be the first steppingstone in a complete holistic healing journey for oneself


Wholistic Healing Vol. I

Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health.

it is not only important to practice self-care while doing shadow work but is it important to do self-care the correct way and not the superficial way. 

yes it is nice to give yourself a pedicure but when was the last time you gave yourself an honest compliment or allowed yourself truly enjoy where you are right  now. 

During this time we will:

– Wholistic Cleanse Reset Ceremony

During the ceremony we will forgive ourselves, Clintons, protect, and prepare for the program that we will be doing.

– Learning True Self Care

– Self Care Techniques

– Wholistic Diet

When I say diet this means all sources of energy. We will not only be going over food but other sources of energy that you in- take

Shadow Work is the process of exploring parts of ourselves we choose to repress or hide that we don’t like and is an endeavor you enter to merge.

It is not the process of doing this that is difficult for people it is the commitment that is required.

we cannot fully live within our light if we are still running from our darkest parts of ourselves and it is so important to merge the two of them.  we have to take the time to properly process this and not rush ourselves into unnecessary expectations.

During this time we will:

Intro Into Shadow Work

after spending some time in the light we will start to merge into the shadow. During this time you will not only learn about shadow work but you will learn about your shadow and the different archetypes that you might hold. 

Intro Into Parts Work

parts work is a very fun method that I use throughout shadow work. This is the practice of role-playing with your shadows, during this time we will get a chance to analyze and begin to hear their side of the story. 

self-care and shadow work will require one to not only look into their future but also their past and that is where inner child work comes in to play. 

during this time we will start these practices using multiple methods of therapy. We thought things were getting personal during shadow work but this is where things can get really deep for sound, I have learned it is more helpful for those to go through this with someone by their side versus alone or with people that do not understand. 

you will be held responsible throughout this whole program and will only succeed if you allow yourself to. There will be a lot of journaling, ton of reflecting, open discussion, activities, and so on. 

after giving you all of the information and techniques we will be working together for up to three months to make them habits and not just something that you work on and stop practicing, consistency is key within this practice to make them habits and not just something that you work on and stop practicing, consistency is key within this practice. 

during this time we will start herbal remedies and other healing practices.

I am here for you so you do not have to do it alone I am your coach. 

Ready for your shadows?

Personal Coaching begins march 21
workshop april 18th & aprIl 19th
online classes coming soon


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