wholistic healing products made by ombriél

Balanced Blessings! Jewelry making has become a favorite hobby of mine and being able to incorporate healing has made it even better! Below are my one of a kind pieces, they are healing and made by myself. If you’d like a custom piece please email me info@inbetweeninc.com

As the owner and healer of inbetween llc I want each experience with my products to be not only a healing one, but a personal one also. That being said the policies for purchasing my products has changed.

Products are going to be ordered by the week for now on. The market will open on Monday and close Friday evening. Pickup orders will start Sunday, and deliveries and shipping will go out Monday.

This change is made for many reasons the main and most important one being:

All products will be made to order now, allowing each product to be Reiki Healed for each customer. This also allows a more one on one relationship with all customers. 

Learn more about weekly shipping, pick up, and delivery procedures here!


Herbal Infused Whipped Butter

This is not your average whipped butter mix!

Are you having issues with dry skin, hair, and/or scalp? Well look no further. This homemade Herbal Infused Whipped Butter is just what you need.

This Herbal Infused Whipped Butter is great for:

  • Treating Skin Conditions
  • Acne
  • Speeding up Healing Process
  • Scarring and Hyper-Pigmentation
  • Softening Rough Skin
  • Tightening Loose Skin
  • Great for Dandruff and Irritated Scalp
  • Perfect Cream/Moisturizer for Hair (all textures!)
  • Hair Growth (boost blood circulation)
  • Strengthens Hair

Healer's Gold Shimmer Butter

The one and only Healer’s Gold Shimmer Butter. One thing about me, I always shimmer, and now you can with this butter. Infused with Mimosa Flower Oil, picked and infused by myself, it is very uplifting and soft to the skin. The Murumuru butter leaves the best shine you could imagine.


Herbal Blends

Daily Liver + Skin Detox Herbal Blend

Now introducing my Daily Liver + Skin Detox Herbal Blend! This blend is very gentle but will still work hard for your liver! A lot of these herbs have been traditionally used for years to help those support their livers. Including organic peppermint, organic burdock root, organic dandelion root, organic yellow dock root, organic schizandra berries, this blend is ready to take on any battle and taste yummy while doing it.

Rooted Herbal Blend

Looking to balance your Root Charka? You can achieve that with this Rooted Herbal Blend. Made in small batches of organic raspberry leaf, red clover, dandelion and hibiscus, this blend is perfect for your everyday grounding. This tea is beneficial for stress, people who have trouble sleeping, PMS symptoms, hot flashes, and upset stomachs. The herbs in this blend are also good for cancer prevention.

When your Rook Chakra is balanced you feel safe, secured and nurtured.