Wholistic Healing

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I get these questions all the time. First off, what is Wholistic Healing and second why should you care about Healing Wholistically?

Very basic summary of Wholistic Healing comes from seeing one’s self as more than just their human body. Your health and wellness much more than just your physical body. That being said, it is understanding that when we receive a disease within our vessel, it has manifested from not only a spiritual realm, but also from your environment, your mental mindset, your faith, and other factors. This is where Mind, Body, Spirit, and Soul come into play.
You can also consider this Mental, Physical, Spiritual, and Soular.

The main goal is to balance and bring alignment. 

Mental – Perspective, Ability to Focus, Goal Setting

Physical – Mindful Nutrition, Exercise, Healthy Environment 

Spiritual – Soul Purpose, Intuitive Guidance, Divine Connection

Soular – Past Lives, Forgiveness, Shadow Work/Self Care

Wholistic Health is practiced by living mindfully and within Union. Wholistic Healing is using all these layers to cure the cause and not the symptoms. This is taking natural healing remedies, alternative medicines, energy work, and life style changes and showing the importance of all of them. 

Wholistic Healing is going a step beyond and taking your health into your own hands, also known as taking responsibility for yourself. My main focus of this is not to bash any other types of healing methods, but just to say that our most Modern types of healing sometimes only focus on one or two layers of the issue instead of seeing it as a whole. In fact the whole idea of Wholistic Health is to simply show both sides of all practices.

Within time, “doctors” started to focus more on the symptoms of the patients and how to fix those versus getting to the root of the issue and fixing that so the issue doesn’t occur again. We then get into the practice of money over morals. This country makes money off of us being sick and The medical industry is making a killing right now(no pun intended). As a melanin woman, I personally have issues with the history of the medical industry and how so many people had to die for the barbaric types of surgeries, tests, and drugs.

We can talk about how women and healers were pushed out of the medical industry, shunned even for using Traditional Practices. We can talk about the fear that begin to be pushed via propaganda about peoples health and even something as natural as childbirth. This conversation alone is a whole other video that I plan on getting into more detail because I’m very passionate about this and this is a strong reason on why I personally started to heal myself Wholistically.

Some people have had completely different experiences with modern medicine. Like I said I am not here to judge anyone, I am here to simply understand.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, medicine does not fix everything. If we really want to be real let’s talk about how medicines cause other issues, sometimes even leading to addictions. Adding this on top of the poor diet, low exercise, tons of stress, and horrible environments there’s no wonder everyone is walking around here sick. To be honest most people don’t care and most people don’t see a point. To be even more honest a lot of people aren’t going to care, and that’s just how it is. People say all the time, “well we’re all gonna die someday”, but my question is why in the hell would you wanna dying in pain. My other question is why in the hell are you excepting this death? Don’t know about you, but I’m personally living until I’m 120 years old, still doing yoga, still thriving. So I want to ask you, do you care?

I want to make it very clear that I’m not an angry person, I’m just very passionate about this mostly because I was a victim myself. This is why I am a strong advocate of people deserving to have the choice. That being said I completely understand why this type of lifestyle is a complete turn off for a lot of people. I am the type of person who likes to be in control 100%. Majority of people take much pride in the conveniency of modern day life, whereas I find it quite alarming. Holistic healing is not easy at all, this is another reason why it’s a some are not appealed but it; it actually requires work. A lot of people don’t know where to start, a lot of people don’t know how to continue on with their journey, and then there’s just a lot of information that’s out there so it’s hard to decipher what works best for you and what doesn’t. Since 2016 I’ve made a strong effort to become more mindful of my life by changing my habits, my mindset, strengthening my faith, and my physicality. 

This is all really just the first layer of the beautiful lasagna that is called Wholistic Healing. 


Examples of being Balanced: 

  • Well rounded perspective on situations
  • Complete love for self which then reflects on to others
  • Having a positive outlook on your life

Examples of being Unbalanced:

  • Cloudy perspective on situations
  • Destructive thoughts of self and others
  • Having a negative outlook on your life


Examples of being Balanced: 

  • Varied exercise
  • Healthy and natural environment
  • Nutritional and Mindful eating
  • Optimal sleep

Examples of being Unbalanced:

  • Little to no exercise
  • Toxic environment
  • Unhealthy eating
  • Smoking, drinking, and drugs


Examples of being Balanced:

  • having a strong spiritual connection
  • Sense of universal service
  • Clear life purpose

Examples of being Unbalanced:

  • negative or no spiritual connection
  • Lack of life purpose


Examples of being Balanced:

  • Negative feelings are felt and understood
  • Having a feeling of peace and gratitude about the past
  • Willingness to forgive

Examples of being Unbalanced:

  • having multiple unhealthy emotions from the past
  • Feelings of anger and sorrow
  • Unresolved relationships

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